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Commercial and Industrial etrikes

The workplace applications for electric vehicles is unlimited. Any industry or business with vast warehousing or factory space needs to move its people efficiently and cheaply. E bikes fit this model by providing personal transportation without creating a traffic issue. When you add the cargo capacity of a three wheel eTrike you have an even better alternative to the traditional golf carts and segways. Not only do you solve your workplace mobilisation issues you do it in a way that supports your values of staff health and wellness. Consider the Shambhala music festival, the Calgary Stampede or the Toronto CNE. Security staff, paramedics and first responders need to be able to quickly wind their way through the crowds with their emergency kit.

What better vehicle than an eTrike?

Canadian municipalities are conscious of, and conscientious towards, lowering their carbon footprint. Replacing gas powered trucks and buses with electric alternatives may be financially prohibitive however bylaw officers and operational staff may in fact increase their efficiency by leaving the 8 cylinder pickup in the yard and hopping on an eTrike.

Postal delivery could be enhanced by eTrikes. In fact UPS have started to use electric trikes for parcel delivery in Seattle.

Dog walkers could make use of the stability of a tricycle, Pizza delivery could adapt a heated rear basket, Resort staff could get where they are going faster.

The payoff to introducing eTrikes to your business are:

  • Staff health and wellness
  • Efficient people moving
  • Cost savings - an eTrike can travel 400 kms on the electricity cost of a loonie
  • Staff job enjoyment and retention
  • Contribution to a cleaner and greener environment
  • Satisfaction that your business is taking the lead

eTrikes from eTrikes Canada are built with strong rugged frames, have high performance motor/battery combinations and with fat tires and disc brakes can handle all types of terrain yet are still maneuverable enough to get around a work setting quickly and effortlessly.

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