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It’s tough to claim your ecotourism badge if you are moving your guests around in diesel belching buses. Your lodge may run on solar power but your concern for the environment needs to extend to all aspects of your operation. Tourists today are looking for experiences beyond the air conditioned tour bus.

Activity based tourism is on the rise and that begs the question for operators: how to capitalize on this growing sector of holiday makers. Winery tours, city tours, trail rides and even long distance bike tours can all be enhanced by the use of e-Trikes.  

More practical than a bike or ebike, an eTrike lets the guest carry a significant cargo of their belongings in the rear basket. An eTrike allows for a more relaxed tour and can be offered to guests of various ages and fitness levels. The stability of three wheels means that elderly or inexperienced riders will feel comfortable even when stationary or riding up hills and the fact that the eTrike is motorized allows the group to stay as a group. There is no reason for one of your guests to fall behind when they have a 500 watt motor at their disposal.

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