Electric Trikes - Balance and Mobility

Millions of Canadians suffer from balance and mobility issues. Whatever the cause, instability can seriously affect quality of life. Those affected can quickly regress from an avid outdoor enthusiast to a sedentary indoor recluse. 

An electric pedal assist three wheel tricycle offers a low cost, stable and easy to use solution that will benefit many of those experiencing mobility or balance issues, resulting in a return to a more active, healthy and social lifestyle.

How do electric tricycles fit into the picture?

Balance and Mobility

Those living with MS, Parkinson’s, Mild-to-Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (mmTBI), or simply aging, often experience problems with dizziness, gait and vertigo. These symptoms affect people differently and often vary from day to day. The result can be a reduction in confidence and willingness to venture outdoors.

This decrease in activity ultimately leads to muscle weakness, increased spasticity, decreased heart and lung function, pressure sores, depression, social isolation, poor health and more.

The recent introduction of modern Electric Trikes can offer a new lease on life for many afflicted with balance issues. The stability of three wheels and the pedal assist motors will allow many to re-engage in a healthier, more active way of life. 

Unlike a traditional two wheel bicycle the rider can remain seated on a slow moving or stationary Trike and when muscle fatigue becomes an issue the motorized Trike can take over and bring the rider home.

eTrikes Canada continues to supply life changing and inexpensive mobility options for Canadians with MS, Parkinson’s Disease as well as seniors, amputees and stroke patients bringing back an element of independence many thought they had lost forever. 


  • Cost Effective 
  • Stable Wide Stance Three Wheel Base Only An Electric Tricycle Can Offer
  • Large rear cargo basket for jackets, groceries or even pets. 
  • Pedal Assist Mobility, you never have to worry about running out of energy to get to where you are going



“Test drive of the cargo - amazing! These guys are incredibly accommodating and informative about their trikes. So patient with a nervous Nellie (me) as I got my fear of falling under control and trusted the stability three wheels provided. The feeling of being able to bike again - indescribable. The extra cool factor of these trikes and the pedal assist - priceless! Try them - you will not be sorry!”

“I was impressed with how quickly I was able to feel comfortable riding and controlling the e-trike. Balance was not a problem. Using the pedal assist motor was easy to use and switch on and off. Braking and turning was easy. This trike is the answer to my mobility and fitness problems.”

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For a limited time ALL new e-trikes come with a FREE second battery and FREE SHIPPING! (Only to Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia)

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