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One of life’s great pleasures is to leave the house and get out on your bike. The joy of making your own way around the neighborhood or along a country trail is priceless and can trigger memories of the freedom you felt with your first bike as a child.

But let’s be honest, we aren’t all as fit and stable as we were 50 years ago on that first 3 speed. An electric trike gives you that feeling of open air freedom but with the stability and comfort of three wheels. You don’t have to balance the etrike at corners or traffic lights, like you do with a traditional bike. When you hit that steep hill on the way home you just let the motor do the work.

An adult e-trike with the combination of a powerful motor and lithium-ion battery you no longer need to worry about how far you can ride and if you can pedal that far. Smooth pedal assist technology steps in when you need it to make your etrike ride effortless regardless of your destination.

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