Electric Trikes For Young Families With Kids

Electric Trikes For Young Families With Kids

New parents know how difficult it can be to build exercise back into their day with a small child at home. Even getting outside can be a challenge. Adding a child seat to your bike or ebike is a popular solution.

But, have you ever tried to balance a bike while you buckle a squirming child into their seat only to realize you’ve left your phone on the kitchen counter? You either leave it there or you take the child back off the bike and start the process all over again. With three wheels you don’t need the skills of a circus acrobat to balance and buckle and with the child securely strapped into the seat and the eTrike wheel lock on you can go back and grab the phone and be on your way. You can now head to the grocery store, or meet friends for a coffee or even drop your child off at their Day Care.

Turn your electric trike into a convenient and easy to use people mover. An etrike with a baby seat offers you the added stability and mobility you just can’t get with a regular bicycle.

There are numerous advantages an etrike  when you have young kids. 

  • No need to balance the trike when not moving and your child is strapped into an approved child bike seat
  • A safer and more stable ride with a wider wheel base
  • Extra carrying capacity for your kids essentials as well as your shopping
  • As your child grows the electric motor makes riding up hill with the extra weight manageable.




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