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"This has been a great purchase! I am unable to ride a regular bike but this bike has made it possible, its really stable and easy to move. I love that I can adjust my activity level and on a good day I can bike with no assistance but can turn on the e-assist at different levels when I need. It’s a great investment and I am really happy with it."




"The coolest ride ever ! #etrikescanada helped me get on this bad boy and will be bringing it to me soon . I can ride a bike again !! MS symptoms are no match for this e trike . Thanks again to the guys @etrikescanada #thisisms on the good days"




"A real life changer! I cannot emphasise enough how much I am enjoying this e-trike. As a lady in her early 70’s, I developed balance difficulties and was very disappointed not to be able to use my two-wheeled bike any longer. However, once I contacted Jim and Grant at e-Trikes Canada, everything changed. They went out of their way to demonstrate and explain the parts including the battery. I was able to take it for a test ride before completing my purchase. I love the low profile step through frame and feel confident when stopping without worrying about tipping. My neighbourhood has several hills so I decided to upgrade the motor to 350W. The battery life is amazing. It took a little while to get the hang of the different feel when steering, but just as Jim said - it didn’t take long. The fact the trike folds allows me to easily transport it in my SUV. Next week I am planning on taking it on a 21 km bike trek with friends. Thanks again, e-Trikes Canada."




"I’m 68 and I recently had quadruple bypass surgery. My Dr. said I had to start moving. I bought an e-trike in July and started riding. I was riding 8-12 kms per ride, sometimes twice a day. Soon I was riding 15-25 kms on a competitors trike. Twice I ran out of battery and had to ride home without backup twice. What a workout those were! The trails and hills I am riding regularly are a challenge. Several hills were to much for my bike. I was having to walk it up, especially when it was wet or had leaves on it.

Then I bought a Commuter Electric Trike with 2 batteries, 500 watts, dual disc brakes and 2 wheel drive at the back! Now I ride 26-35 kms a day. I have conquered all the hills even when wet and covered with leaves. The suspension is great and the fat tires absorb impacts. Now I can ride farther and longer and get a better workout.

Dealing with this company was and is a pleasure. If I have one complaint it was with the seat. I’m a big guy and found it to be uncomfortable and too small. After telling the company, they sent out a larger seat. Great service!"




"Wow! J’ai acheté le Cummuter pour ma conjointe pour que nous puissions faire du vélo ensemble. Je suis étonné de la performence de ce tricycle, qui dépasse mes attentes quant a la performance , le design et la qualité générale du produit. J’ai opté pour le 500w, et je ne regrette pas, car dans les côtes elle est en mesure de me suivre sans problème et sans trop se fatiguer. Quant à la performence de vitesse, on oublie ça.... non pas que le Cummuter est incapble , mais c’est l’habilité de conduire audela de 25 km un tel engin qui n’est pas évident à contrôler en cas d imprévu. Autre point le système de recharge avec 2 batteries... je n ai pas compris le principe, et le manuel d’instruction est peu détaillé à ce sujet . D’ailleurs le manuel devrait être ameliorer car il y a peu d’instructions sur son entretien, les compsantes et ce serait utile lors de maintenance et réparation éventuelle. Au final, nous sommes très satisfait a ce jour de cette acquisition qui nous permet de faire des randonnées ensemble en toute sécurité"



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