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Cost savings and benefits of electric trikes for adults

On average Canadians spend nearly $12000 a year to rent a 2 bedroom apartment. So what is the next highest expense we face? When we factor in depreciation Canadians spend between $8,600 and $13,000 a year on a car. Cars give us independence, they save time and they protect us from the elements. But do we really need that “second” car. Over the next three years the average family will allocate between $26,000 and $39,000 to a second vehicle. In three years that’s enough for a deposit on a house, a world trip, a college education or a million other possibilities. With an electric tricycle these costs can be reduced significantly over a short time.

But wait a minute… how much does it cost to charge your ebike's lithium-ion battery?

Here’s a quick guide to pricing out charging costs:

  • Multiply the battery voltage and amp hour rating to get watt hours ie. Our 48volt, 20amp hour battery makes 960watt hours. Now divide by 1,000 to get Kilowatt hours = 0.96 Kwh
  • Check your local electricity prices. The average cost per Kilowatt hour in Canada at the time of this guide was $0.13
  • Multiply the Kilowatt size of your e-bike battery by the cost per Kilowatt hour: 0.96 x $0.13 = $0.1248 or approximately twelve and a half cents for a complete charging on our biggest battery.
  • This battery has a conservative range of 50kms per charge.

So a Loonie will get you roughly 400 kms of pedal assist riding.

An electric trike from eTrikes Canada is a great way to start saving.

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