Electric Trikes - Greenhouse Mobility Solutions

Commercial greenhouses and their workers play a crucial role in supplying the nation’s food supply. Canada’s agricultural industry requires large numbers of labourers to work in the farms and greenhouses, despite the increased use of mechanized farm equipment.

Electric Trike Greenhouse Mobility Solutions

eTrikes Canada supplies environmentally friendly, workplace safe and inexpensive employee mobility options for commercial greenhouses and warehouses improving employee efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Targeting Labour Efficiency

One of the largest expenses for today’s growers is labour so it is imperative that an employee’s time is used as efficiently as possible. Walking can add considerable time to a workers' daily routine as carrying or walking can be estimated at 4 feet per second. The use of electric cargo tricycles can speed up travel and handling times further reducing labour costs.

Increase employee mobility. Electric trikes can easily cover the length of even the largest greenhouses with efficient ease, dramatically reducing employee travel time either picking and packing or on general maintenance jobs. Combined with emission free pedal assist motors, long range lithium-ion batteries, extra cargo carrying capacity and the stability of three wheels, etrikes are the perfect solution for greenhouse maintenance.  Electric tricycles can easily move between greenhouses and as an added bonus will help improve employee health with use, further reducing travel time and labour costs.

Reduce operating costs. The initial investment in an electric trike is quickly offset by their low maintenance and cost of operating (often under $0.15 per km) With a typical range of up to 80km per charge most commercial greenhouse scenarios will require charging the battery 1-2 times per week giving the battery an expected life span of up to 10 years. Reduce the amount of walking employees do. 

eTrikes Canada Front Mounted Electric Cargo Trikes

How do electric tricycles fit into this picture?

  • Increase Productivity
  • Optimize Greenhouse Maintenance
  • Reduce Worker Fatigue
  • Promote Worker Health
  • Quiet Operation and Emission Free
  • Increase Job Satisfaction
  • Canada's Only Specialist E-Trike Dealer
  • Economically Efficient to Own & Operate
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