How to ride an electric pedal assist tricycle compared to a traditional bicycle

Riding an electric pedal assist tricycle is a unique and enjoyable experience, but it can be very different from ridi...

After hip replacement surgery I can get out and ride again with friends and family using an electric tricycle.

After my hip replacement, I could no longer ride a traditional two-wheeled bicycle. 

Electrify Your New Year's Resolution: How an Electric Tricycle Can Help You Get Healthy When Living With Balance or Mobility Issues

It's that time of year when many people set new goals to improve their lifestile and overall health. Here are 5 great...

Tips On Preparing Your Electric Tricycle For Winter Riding

Let’s face it, winter is not for everyone. But for some of us riding in the cold weather, whether for fun, a trip to ...

What's the big Diff?

What’s the difference between electric trikes that have a rear differential and those that don’t have a rear differen...

What’s the difference between Electric Trike models?

Comparing the Cargo and Commuter Electric Trikes Over the past few years, we’ve written countless articles on the adv...

Operating a Successful Business from a Small Town. Why A Good Logistics Partner is Key

What Is Logistics? Logistics is essentially the processes that are involved in transporting physical goods from selle...

eTrikes Canada Is Hiring

Do you have a passion for helping people and enjoy being outdoors and active? We’re always looking for new people to ...

Qualicum Beach E-Trike Demo Day Nov 6 2021

If you are interested in taking an electric trike for a test ride mark your calendar and call Steve to book a demo!Wh...

Guelph E-Trike Demo & Sale Weekend Nov 6-7 2021

If you are interested in taking an electric trike for a test ride mark your calendar! When: November 6 and 7 from 1...

Why E-Trikes and E-Bikes May be Hard to Find in 2022. (Everything is Either Out of Stock or Costs More)

Did you know that approximately 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea? The current global shipping and supp...

Electric Tricycle Pre-Ride and Maintenance Guide

You’re planning a big ride tomorrow, you’re ready to roll. But is your e-trike ready?
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