BC Scrap-it Program

BC Scrap-It Program

What is the Scrap-It Program?

The SCRAP-IT Program is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve overall air quality by reducing the number of older vehicles on the road.

SCRAP-IT currently offers an electric vehicle-specific incentive. This incentive may be combined with any other EV incentive including those offered by the Go Electric program. For more information please visit the SCRAP-IT web-page.

The SCRAP-IT program also offers qualifying vehicle owners incentives to scrap their older vehicles. The incentive values are based on the greenhouse gas reduction that occurs when an old vehicle is scrapped and an incentive is used as a replacement.

How Does It Work?

The program provides point-of-sale incentives on eligible vehicles of up to $1050 for the purchase of a new pedal assist e-bicycle or e-tricycle.

There are 5 Steps to claiming this incentive

  1. Ensure your old vehicle qualifies. There are only two requirements!
  2. Visit a Participating Dealership to find a Qualifying Electric Vehicle
  3. Purchase the Qualifying Electric Vehicle
  4. Take Delivery of the EV and Apply to the Scrap-It Program
  5. Claim Your Incentive (EFT)

Once you receive your email approval letter, you have 30 days to scrap your vehicle at one of the authorized drop off locations and proceed with claiming your incentive.

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