5 Great Reasons to Buy an Electric Tricycle

Get Active, Live Healthy, Improve Your Fitness

Lets face it, many people would like to live a healthier, more active lifestyle and to be fit and healthy you need to be physically active. Riding your electric tricycle regularly can be one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health related issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to adults and seniors. Riding an electric tricycle for adults is also affordable, fun and good for the environment. Heading out on an electric tricycle to the shops or to work is one of the easiest ways to combine regular exercise with your everyday schedule and have all the cargo carrying and stability benefits a normal bicycle does not. 

Two hours of cycling a week is sufficient to achieve a general overall improvement to your health. An Electric Tricycle is a great way to improve your fitness because it offers a low impact workout resulting in less strain and injuries as well as being good for stamina and muscle strength and aerobic fitness. You can get as much out of riding an electric tricycle for adults as you want. Exercising on an electric trike can be done at a lower intensity to begin with to help recover from injury or illness or just to start improving overall fitness then can be built up to a more demanding physical workout  An electric tricycle is a fun way to get fit, getting all the benefits and excitement of exercising outdoors, the pedal assist motor will power you up and over any hills or difficult terrain meaning you are more likely to ride your trike regularly compared with other physical activities that keep you inside or require special facilities, locations or equipment. 

If you are pressed for time, as a mode of transport an electric tricycle for adults replaces time spent sitting driving your car or taking public transit with healthy, environmentally friendly, low impact exercise.

Help the Environment

Today’s consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of motor vehicles on our planet. Electric tricycles are one of the solutions available today to help reduce our impact on the environment.

Our pedal assist electric tricycles have lithium-ion batteries that typically last 2-4 hours and can cover a range of 50-70 kilometers on a single charge. Because an electric tricycle does not burn fossil fuel they do not release any exhaust gases into the atmosphere like regular gas vehicles do. An average car releases approximately two tons of carbon dioxide each year. As battery and motor technology improves and we see things like solar chargers and regenerative charging motors the environmental footprint of an electric tricycle will be reduced even further potentially being 100% eco friendly.

Affordable Alternative to a Second Car

Electric bikes and electric tricycles are not classified as motor vehicles so in most cases do not require insurance or a license to operate. In most countries, electric bicycles are treated like normal bicycles and the same rules and regulations for use apply. However, different countries may have different regulations so always be sure to check license requirements in the country you are riding in.

With the cost of oil on the rise, driving a conventional car can eat up a significant chunk of change. An electric tricycle for adults when paired with the right motor/battery combination offers great mileage per charge.

The cost of charging your electric tricycle battery will vary depending on a variety of factors including battery size, quality and type of charger and the frequency of re-charging. As an example cost for an 8 hour charge in British Columbia, Canada will set you back approximately $0.12 and give you an effective pedal assist range of 60-70km per charge, making your electric tricycle an affordable alternative method of transport to a second car.

You will need some safety equipment you typically do not need when driving a second car, such as a bike helmet, bike lock, spare tire tube, tire pump and possibly some bike tools. While these will not incur a huge cost they need to be considered. The cost for your safety gear can range from $100-$350

Batteries, while one of the key components of any electric tricycle for sale, remain one of the most expensive elements. Most lithium-ion batteries in electric tricycles will last for approximately 700-800 recharges before they start to decline. This does not mean that your battery will lose its ability to hold a charge, just that there will be some drop on the performance and capacity. The 48v 20Ah battery on eTrikes Canada’s eTc Cargo will cost approximately $900CAD to replace (at today’s technology level of battery)

Lastly, consider purchasing insurance coverage for your electric tricycle. Being insured for theft or damage means you won’t be out of pocket if something happens to your sweet three wheeled ride

Making the Work Commute Practical

Even if you have a long and tough commute, an electric tricycle can get you there without breaking a sweat! If you are cycling to work then sweat becomes an important issue. No one wants to turn up for work soaking wet from a strenuous ride and on a traditional electric bike you don’t have a lot of options for carrying a change of clothes along with your other work goodies.

People do not sweat as much on pedal assist electric tricycles - they don’t have to pedal as hard and because of a higher average riding speed there is more air flow and wind to help cool you as you ride. Hilly commute or are headwinds common? No problem, your electric motor will kick in at the first sign of pedal resistance and keep you from breaking a sweat unless you want to dial back the power and pedal more. Electric trikes flatten out the hills so you don’t have to worry about them/

Combined with the ample cargo space in the front and rear cargo racks of your electric trike you can easily carry that change of work clothes, laptop, lunch or whatever it is you need to take with you on your commute and not have to be weighed down like a sherpa with a bulky backpack or saddle bags.

Save money on parking! You can park your electric trike most often free of charge in a public bicycle rack. Easier parking means one more way your electric tricycle commute will get you to your destination faster than a car. You will be parked and already at work while the person driving their car is still circling around looking for a parking space.

More than half of all driving trips are shorter than 20 kilometers, with recent surveys showing that the average single trip amounts to just 10 kilometers. That's a distance easily covered by electric trike. One survey found that riders replaced over 40 percent of their daily car commutes with e-bike rides. 

Options - There is an Electric Tricycle for Everyone!

Depending on what kind of riding you are looking for chances are there is an electric tricycle for you. Whether it's for the work commute, a trip to the grocery store, a ride with the kids, a round of golf, winery tour, a trip to the beach, a ride with the grandparents or the dog, there is a three wheeled option that will fit your needs.

You can tow your golf clubs to the course and tee off with our custom golf bag trailer, or if you are heading off on a winery tour or family picnic the large durable rear cargo rack/cooler bag combo will fit a couple cases of wine or a family picnic feast.

Commuting to work? Easily load up your briefcase or laptop, books, change of clothes, lunch or whatever you need to carry with you on your daily journey using your electric trikes ample cargo racks.

Do you have mobility issues or are unable to balance on a standard electric bicycle but still wanting to keep physically active? The wide footprint and three points of ground contact on an electric tricycle means you can roll to a complete stop and not have to put a foot down to balance. 

Smile! You can not jump on an electric tricycle and help but smile as you turn heads cruising down the street. If you are looking for an electric tricycle for sale be sure to stop by eTrikes Canada to see what's available.
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