Reclaim Your Freedom On An Electric Trike

Across Canada thousands of people live with balance or mobility issues in their day to day lives, you may even know someone who experiences this firsthand. From Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or other neurological disorders, to impaired movement, amputation or other physical limitations that impact on their ability to get around. It is easy to take for granted that not everyone can pick up and run out the door to do a quick shop, or hop on a bike for their daily commute to work. Even with the advantage of a pedal assist e-bike, the simple act of balancing on two wheels may make this option unavailable for many people.

Reclaim Your Freedom On An Electric Trike

So much of daily life revolves around the car, whether it is the daily trip to work, getting the kids to school, running errands,visiting friends or just to get around. Spending more time in traffic, exercising less frequently, the cost of gas and insurance all can have a negative impact on your wellbeing, not to mention a bank account!

It doesn’t matter if you are planning your weekly grocery shopping, a trip to the dentist or doctor, a visit with friends or just a ride around the neighborhood for some exercise, a pedal assist electric trike for adults is an affordable option that eliminates many of the concerns you may have riding a two wheel electric bike.

Add in ample cargo carrying capacity with plenty of power and range and an e-trike can easily become a fun and healthy alternative for getting around.

How E-Trikes Help Overcome Balance And Mobility Issues

Balance is the key when it comes to confidence riding for anyone who has issues with their own balance or mobility. This is where an electric trike really shines. With two wheels either in the front or rear, depending on the style of e-trike, there is no need to balance like there is on a traditional two wheel bicycle. By not having to put a foot down or maintain a minimum speed to keep yourself upright, an electric trike for seniors is a perfect option for someone who still wants to get out and ride, feeling the sun and fresh air on their face.

Inspirational Stories From Real E-Trike Riders

To this day we still get people who see an electric trike for the first time and say ‘I didn’t even know that e-trikes were a thing’. E-trikes are definitely a thing and becoming more popular every day. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of what our customers have to say.



I’m 68 and I recently had quadruple bypass surgery. My Dr. said I had to start moving. I bought an e-trike in July and started riding. I was riding 8-12 kms per ride, sometimes twice a day. Soon I was riding 15-25 kms on a competitors trike. Twice I ran out of battery and had to ride home without backup twice. What a workout those were! 

The trails and hills I am riding regularly are a challenge. Several hills were too much for my bike. I was having to walk it up, especially when it was wet or had leaves on it. Then I bought a Commuter Electric Trike with 2 batteries, 500 watts, dual disc brakes and 2 wheel drive at the back! Now I ride 26-35 kms a day. I have conquered all the hills even when wet and covered with leaves. The suspension is great and the fat tires absorb impacts. Now I can ride farther and longer and get a better workout. 

Dealing with this company was and is a pleasure. If I have one complaint it was with the seat. I’m a big guy and found it to be uncomfortable and too small. After telling the company, they sent out a larger seat. Great service! Bill


My son (he’s 13 and LOVES cycling) is totally pumped that now he gets to “ride with Dad”.

 BTW, I kind of laughed when you said that I “probably didn’t care about speed”.  Partially inaccurate. . .  besides the innate desire to kick my son’s butt when riding, I also used to race trikes.

I raced at both the Seoul ’88 and Barcelona ’92 Paralympics, and kind of broke the trike speed record at Seoul (I was doing something like 67 km/h).  While I’m definitely not in the same shape as 30-odd years ago, and I’m definitely saner, I still kind of like speed.


It has changed life for me! I was never able to ride a bike and now I can . It made me more mobile and I love that I can take it for everyday errands because it has baskets. The battery life is excellent and it’s super easy to use.

This has been a great purchase! I am unable to ride a regular bike but this bike has made it possible, it’s really stable and easy to move. I love that I can adjust my activity level and on a good day I can bike with no assistance but can turn on the e-assist at different levels when I need. It’s a great investment and I am really happy with it.

Share Your Electric Tricycle Story With Us

Are you already out there riding an electric trike? E-trikes Canada would love to hear from you! Tell us how a pedal assist e-trike fits into your daily routine by dropping a comment below, or share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube or Instagram.
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