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We all know what it is like to be on the go. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce your reliance on a second car. Have you considered an e-trike?

The idea behind the electric tricycle, or electric trike, is not to replace your 2 wheel bike or electric bike, but to offer an alternative mode of economical transportation. Lets face it, you can find everything from a cheap electric bike to a top of the range ebike that will deliver many of the same benefits of an electric tricycle for adults. If all you want to do is ride it around.

What if you are a bit older and want an easy and healthy way to do your weekly shop, or visit friends? Electric trikes for seniors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit your individual needs. In comparison to an electric bike, an electric trike’s wide stance and double rear wheels offer stability you just can’t get on two wheels alone. No need to balance your shopping, simply pop it in the rear cooler bag and you are ready to roll. Adults looking to buy electric tricycles instead of trike kits or normal bikes will be surprised by how practical an electric trike is.

Are you an avid golfer wanting a more economical and healthy way to get you and your clubs to the golf course? Many of our electric tricycles for sale are compatible with a two wheel trailer, custom designed to tow your clubs easily behind your electric trike.

Or a young family with a toddler (or two) in the picture? If you have ever tried balancing your electric bike while wrestling to get a toddler into a bike seat you will know how difficult this can be. Never mind when you get them all strapped in and realize you left your keys in the house. Electric trikes for adults take care of that, most standard child seats that fit electric bikes for adults can be mounted on many of our electric trikes for sale.

As an alternative way to get to the office, an electric tricycle will fit on standard cycle pathways and offers ample storage for your bag, laptop, change of clothes, lunch and more. A powerful pedal assist motor, not like the kind from low quality trike kits, paired with a powerful lithium battery will get you into work without breaking a sweat.

So maybe it's time to leave the car at home. We have electric trikes for sale that will improve your health, be lighter on your wallet and make you feel good about helping the planet. Electric Tricycles for adults are the answer for a greener planet. If you are looking for cheap electric trikes for sale keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. Our e trikes are suitable for adults and seniors and offer better balance than electric bikes for adults. Be sure to check out an electric tricycle before you buy an electric bike, you may be surprised!

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